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This is my first time here. I found this forum while searching for places in which people deal openly with issues regarding grief.

I lost my brother 30 years ago, when I was 9 years old. This loss shadowed my life for many years. Ten yeard ago (after 20 years of bereavement) I produced with my sister a documentary about my family and long term grief. This production was a powerful healing process for us as a family and has helped many others since it was first shown to the public. Now we have uploaded it onto YouTube so many others can benefit from our sharing and experience.

It is in Hebrew with English subtitles and is 43 minutes divided into 5 parts.

Here are the links for the 5 chapters of the film "Pain Has No Tomorrow"

part 1:

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

Please feel free to ask any question about this film.

Best of wishes,


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Thanks so very much for sharing this with us.

I'm glad in a way that you "froze" long enough to make this documentary. And I agree it can help us all in ways great and small.

Many times as I watched..your, your family's and Shai's friend's words were echoes of thoughts in my own head.

To lose a brother at such a young age must have been very difficult. And to lose him so violently & suddenly made it very much challenging I'm sure.

I am so glad you took that time before your marriage to seek help and walk your grief journey. Facing a loved ones death is a monumental & painful task. And you seem to have done very well.

A few things, well more than a few things, in your film touched me. But I will mention just a few.

Your Mom saying "There is less light."

A beautiful way to put it. And it is undeniable.

The lil girl on your Dad's lap talking about how Shai would want you all to move on and live your lives... Of course.. she's right. Wisdom from small lips.

Yet all through out the film..I felt the push to move on forward and the pull back to remember.

That push and pull... is also undeniable and makes this film's title so very apt. Pain doesn't have a tomorrow.. it just is.

The light that went out with Shai's passing... I think it glows a bit.. still.. on the horizon.. and it always will. It also lives within each of you. And maybe... glows a bit brighter because of your film.

Many blessing to you and your family and friends and of course to Shai.

Thank you for sharing this with us. (I will probably be responsible for several hits on all 5 Chapters on YouTube.. because I am sure I can learn more from this wonderful film as I walk my journey here.)

PS I never said.. how very sorry I am that you lost your brother. Please accept my sympathy.


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Dear Leeann,

Thank you for your words and sympathy.

I think that my decision to get help and wait before starting my own family was one of the wisest decisions of my life.

Grief is universal and, as I learned, all of us walk in similar ways through this painful experience. I hope this film will help all those out there that, like me many years ago, feel isolated, misunderstood or lost because they think they are the only ones experiencing such pain.

Thank you, I will share your kind comments with my family.

Best regards,


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Hi Racheli,

I am sorry for your losses... It must have been really hard to lose someone when you were so young.... I wanted to also say thank you for sharing this with all of us... I lost my grandma when I was 18 and I did have a chance to see her one night but chose not to go and she died the next day... I have felt guilty about not going and seeing her... I think of her often and wonder what my visit might have done to her if I had gone with all the other family... Take care Shelley

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Hello Starkiss,

Thank you for your post. The opportunity to say farewell from a beloved one is a very precious one. I know I will be forever sad about not attending my brother's funeral. But one can let go and say goodbye in different ways and it can be done even many years later and also you can send prayers and blessings to the spirit of the deceased and ask for forgiveness for not saying goodbye.

Best regards,


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