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Hi All,

I so want to visit my grandma's grave but do not know where her grave is located... My mom is gone and she never had any real siblings... She did have a stepbrother who is now gone as well... I feel like I really need to find it so that I can say I am sorry that I was not there when she died... Very guilty Shelley

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Have you thought about doing an online search? Many of those you don't even need specific areas, just the state. I am not sure how much of a help it will be to you, but good luck.

BTW, doesn't things like this just bring home the fact that you no longer have your parents? I have an uncle on one side; godfather on the other to ask if I have questions. But, boy, wish I had my parents to ask questions of at times. Or, heck, even hear one of the old stories again.

Take care,


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Thanks, Shauna Marie,

I asked my cousin who I have been close to recently just to see if she had any information about her grave site and she knew exactly where is is located and we have made plans to visit my grandma and grandpa's graves in two weeks time... Thanks for caring Shelley...

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