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Hello friends,

Some or most of you probably have read my first post. If not I'm babybrat and this is a short version of my story. Since 1999, I've lost a cousin, two step grandmas, maternal grandma and grandpa, great grandma and three uncles. I've endured a lot in such a short time. I feel like I've lost so much but really I've gained so much. I've gained knowledge about Christ our Lord, I've gained belief and faith and most importantly I've gained love. One evening, after my maternal grandma passed away, I was talking with my aunt who lives in another state. She asked me how I could be so strong and not angry with God for taking grandma away from us. These are the words I told her and the words that I hope will help many of you. I told my aunt,

"In the times when I was sad, hurt or angry, God was there. He was not there to bring me down, but to lift me up. I couldn't blame him because I know death is apart of life. All I know is that when I needed him he was there walking next to me and when I couldn't walk anymore he was carrying me. It's just like the footprints poem."

Needless to say she took my words in awe and completely understood why I wasn't angry. I truthfully believe that I helped her in some way and I hope this helps someone out there as well. If you are someone who just doesn't have the faith then thats okay, but if you do have faith then this just might be the help you were looking for.

Hope this helps someone out there..



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