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Ok, I Want My Mommy!

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I hate being sick. It's when I miss my mom the most.

I've had Swimmer's Ear for over a week now. I think right now I'm just finally starting to get better. (Hopefully.) It is quite painful and I can't hear anything out of my right ear at all. There also feels like there is this pressure and there's this constant ringing in my ear.

I just want my mom to ask me if I'm ok, if I'm feeling better, to sympathize with me. I've been SO sick the last few months--I've had to be treated for a bladder infection three times, two yeast infections, tooth infections, and now this. Yes, my godfather and his wife call to see how I'm doing at times. But they aren't my mommy.

And I can advise you of a few things if you ever get Swimmer's Ear. First, don't go swimming. (Might be ok to do IF you use ear plugs, check with your doctor.) Secondly, don't use ear drops to clean your ears. Thirdly, don't poke your finger around and/or try to get rid of the drainage. Fourthly, don't have a fan right next to the infected ear. Fifth, never, ever, EVER use Q-Tips in your ear. I ended up already having to visit the doctor to get my ears cleaned because I decided to use them to clean my ears. And chances are they are the cause of the Swimmer's Ear. And lastly, use ear plugs when showering. (When and if you have Swimmer's Ear, that is.) I've been subjected to even worse pain because I chose to do all of the following (or not do, as in the case of the ear plugs.)

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Oh Shauna Marie


I know how you feel. I miss my mom horribly and lately I've not felt good either and just want my mom.

I know it's not the same, but are you ok? Did you take anything to make you feel better? Did the dr. give you any antibiotics or medicine to help?

I get a weird infection in my ear that is a bacteria thing and I have to take ciprodex so it gets better (the medicine for swimmer's ear) So I can appreciate how you want to clean your ears out and also how bothersome it becomes.

Hopefully after a good couple of sleeps your ear will be better and your godfather calls again soon.

take care


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