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He Was Here...10 Minutes Later--no More


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Hershey, my sweet boy (half Bischon, half Lhasa) came into the world on 9/28/07 at 3am in the morning. I know because my wife (a nurse) delivered him and his 5 brothers and sisters. He was the last one; the 'surprise' baby because the ultrasound showed only 5 puppies. Being the last 'runt' he had trouble getting out and my wife had to suction his little nose and mouth. The mother is my 10-year old daughter's dog. My ex-wife has a dog as well and as such, could not keep 3 dogs where they lived. They begged and pleaded with me to take Hershey to my home 1,000 miles away so I could keep him. I reluctantly said yes--I already had 3 cats and a bird. PLus I was deathly allergic to dogs. But when Hershey was old enough, I flew up there and put him in a little airline carrier under the seat with me. He was so good...he was scared but only let out a little whimper. I comforted him and he was ok.

Hershey was a cautious dog...he took awhile to warm up to people and as such was a good warning system for when strange people came around. He loved us, though. I would send pictures as he grew and let my daughter talk to him on the phone when we spoke.

He grew into such a handsome dog. People would comment when we took him to the dog park that he looked just like one of those expensive teddy-bears you buy in the store. Everytime I looked at his big, almost black button eyes and his nose, I just felt so good inside. I wanted to roll around with him on the floor in the worst way but had to settle for rubbing his belly, after which I had to immediately wash my hands.

Last month my daughter and ex-wife moved to our city. Hershey immediately recognized them and began spending time with them as well. He was real close to his mother and slept in the same pen together. When we would have Hershey, his mother would mope all day because he wasn't there.

I let Hershey out to go to the bathroom at around 9am on Wednesday the 13th. I was on a business call and lost track of time...still it was only about 10 minutes. I looked in the backyard and sure enough, he had gotten out. He had just started doing this and wouldn't venture far from home. Of course, I would run outside and call his name, after which I would be greeted with his grinning face as he galloped towards me.

He started going farther and farther, and I'd always get butterflies in my stomach, but we live in a rural area and the dog across the street is allowed to roam freely without ever getting hit. I would always be elated seeing him galloping to me with that big grin that always warmed my heart and made me relieved and so happy at the same time.

Wednesday I went to call him...he didn't come. I immediately got in my car and started driving calling his name. I noticed a truck up the road talking to a neighbor and started driving up there to ask if they saw a small dog. The drivers quickly got in their truck and drove off and the neighbors headed for their house. I pulled up and the neighbor, clearly distressed said, "....a small white dog ?" I said yes.

"He was hit by a car"...my stomach dropped but immediately I thought of getting him and getting him to a hospital. Then the husband of the neighbor said, "I put the body on the side of the road"....<<what ????>>

"He's dead ??!!!??"

I looked on the side of the road...and saw him. Even then I had a shred of hope. I went up to him and his eyes were open with his tongue lolling out...and I knew. I crouched down and cradled him, put him gently on my seat and drove home.

In the garage I just sat there stroking his fur. And then I cried.

The hardest part was telling my wife, ex-wife and daughter in that order. We're picking up his ashes tomorrow and having a service in our backyard.

I keep going over it again and again...I still can't believe it. The hardest part is in the morning not hearing his little feet and when we come home to let him out only to realize he's not there.

I'm sorry little buddy.

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Oh ((((Ivisman)))) I'm so very sorry. This is a tragic loss.

And yes a sudden death is very hard for us. And I know you didn't have dear Hershey all that long.. but still.. he was a part of your family.

Our pets are such a great example of unconditional love. And to lose one.. is very difficult.. especially in such sudden and horrendous circumstances as you experienced.

I'm so glad you came to share this with us, but very sorry you had to.

Many of us have been blessed with the love of beautiful & loving pets that we have lost. So we understand the pain you are feeling.

There are a number of resources you can tap into to help you through this devastating loss. There are a bunch of Articles on Pet Loss that you may find helpful and reassuring.



And also here you will find poems and other writings from people who have also experienced this type of loss.


Here's a link for the locations of in-person Pet Loss support groups in every state & Canada:


This is such a tough time for you, so be assured you will be in my thoughts..

Please feel free to come back and let us know how you are getting along.

Many folks get some comfort over having ceremonies or memorials for their pets and I hope yours eases your grief a bit too.


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