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I don't know how this person is related to you or the circumstances of their death but they were so young. You must have had a true love for them. I hope you will come back to this site and let us all help you. There is nothing wrong with having a drink but I hope you are not turning to alcohol to deaden your pain because it won't take it away. It is part of what all of us on here are still going through. Please tell us what you are feeling so we can help

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yes, there was love. I loved him heart and soul.. He made my heart light. I did his too..

the missing.. oh I miss him.. I only knew him a short while and I never IMAGINED he'd be gone..He was too young..

he had an operation on his leg and was in the hospital..He got pnemonia and died that fast.. He was a bright light in a world of darkness...I loved him so..The circumstances of his passing have caused a trauma in me.

I feel as if I am going to die.. The world looks so bleak anymore..

I don't know who I am..

I am not gonna drink I am gonna cry.

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Crying helps cleanse the soul and even though some people think we should be "getting over it" there is nothing wrong with it. It has been 7 1/2 months for me and yesterday was probably one of the worst days I've had. I cried all day long and was trying to find someone to help me and be with me but it happenened to be one of those days I felt like I was just wandering in circles looking for someone. What is the chance that all my family and friends would be doing something or be at work but still at 8 o'clock I hadn't found anyone. I did make it through and I'm up for another day, partially because I could come on here and get part of my frustration out.

I'm glad you decided not to drink because that worried me. Even though you didn't know him long, sometimes that love can be deep. We'll all try to help you.

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