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Giving A New Life To A New Little Friend


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Today is the happiest day I've had in months because a new little furry guy came into my life. I adopted a little lhasapoo (lhasa apso/poodle) who was rescued from a local backyard puppy mill. The rescue group members told me they found Polo and his brothers, sisters and kids crowded into a filthy kennel, their coats completely matted and covered with ticks. You'd think Polo would have a mean streak or be shy because of the way he was treated, but he's cute, sweet-natured and friendly. He's getting along great with Josie, the lhasapoo I raised from puppyhood. (Well, there's a little jealousy on both sides but they seem to like each other so I doubt it will last.)

This is all still new. But I think it's a very good sign that I'm finally able to let someone new into my life and make his life better at the same time. Even just a few weeks ago, it felt impossible to take any pleasure in life or feel anything beyond my own pain and sorrow. But by taking over responsibility for another life, I realize I still have something to offer, I'm deciding to re-embrace life, and I'm starting to envision a new direction for myself.

My husband adored Josie. He would have loved Polo too and in my heart, I can hear him saying he approves that now I have a new "son."

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Hey Kathy.....Cheers to You!

My daugher is a bit of a rescurer, too. She loves her animals and has one ferral cat that has gotten within a foot of her....she feeds her every night, and she has two others inside the house that are amazing in their habits. I've had dogs my whole life....and what a better unconditional love of life can you have. Good for you, Kathy. Maybe your pain is lessening and you are really letting a little more into your heart. Bless your heart.

Your friend, Karen :wub:

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