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Christmas day is over but not the hollidays .One more week to go.I have to say that the day of christmas wass better than I thought.My close familly gathered at my brothers house.My sister in law tried to make it spesial for every one .She is so brave and positive acting althouh she sufers from kidney failure and goes for dayilises 3 times a week.My mother who is 90 was with us my brothers 2 daughters my 2 sons with teir wifes and my 2 grnd ghildren Teny and Yianys <they have our names>.I had the feeling I was collecting pieces of love from every one.I had a good feeling being with all my familly but not a happy one .My significant other was missing and every piece of love could not replace it.I feel quitly about not apriciating what I have and always focussing at what I dont.Does that meanI dont love my children enough?I dont appreciate my brothers love and my sisters in law love?I can only bond with my lost love lost dreams and life as I knew it.I just keep forgeting that my children lost their father also.I want to have hope and hppines again and wish for all of you the same.Love from far away TENY

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I am so glad you had at least a half way decent Christmas. No it does not mean that you are being selfish by focusing on your grief, but sometimes you might tell your sons that you realize how much they must miss their dad too. Maybe you could all talk about the things you miss and help each other through that.

I know a part of how big that hole in your heart is. Tom and I were only married 37 years but the hole feels like 100 years worth.

It sounds like you took a big step the other day. I know I have a friend who said finally after the 3rd anniversary she could get through the day without crying all the time. She was like our Kim on the website and only about 40 when her husband died.

I keep meaning to email you and ask, Do you make all of the pieces that you sell? I got on line and they are beautiful. I tried to figure out prices but couldn't because it kept telling that they don't use dr any more that it is Euros. Maybe there is a more current website because I think the one I was using is several years old.

Keep taking care of yourself.

Your friend

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