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I saw Taylor the other day, clear as day. He was wearing a white oxford with rolled up sleeves and a pair of khakis. I haven't told too many people for fear they would think I was insane. Let me try to explain how the night played out.

At the Desert Mountain High School Awards Banquet, I sat with some very dear friends of mine. I sat with Brian Hassett and his daughter Laura. They have been there for us since Taylor's tragic death. I was scared to go to this banquet because Brooke was going to be sitting onstage and my husband was stuck in PA therefore I'd be sitting all alone. But I when I saw Brian and Laura there I knew I would be able to make it through the ceremony.

The evening of the awards banquet at DMHS, I had a feeling, a kind of sensation that Taylor was with us. I also had this feeling that if he was, he was feeling gypped. As though he knew that had he been alive he would have won several awards also. I could sense his disappointment. He seemed to miss his friends and was trying desperately to be "part of the group."

As one of Taylor's friends made his way to the stage, I was certain I saw Taylor nearby. I sat and watched as Taylor ran up behind Nick Jacobson and slapped him on the back - hard enough to make Nick trip on his way up the stairs. There was no mistaking it, Taylor had slapped Nick's back and said, "Greeeat job Freddy!" and laughed as he did it. And then I just had the sensation that he was still around, watching his friends, but feeling left out.

After the awards banquet, one of Taylor's best friends, Kevin Hassett (whom I lovingly refer to as my other son) waited for Brooke and I outside so we could talk. Kevin has been hit hard by the loss of Taylor. Kevin as always been thought of as a part of our family and I feel this strong maternal need to include Kevin in our family activities. We really love him.

While we were standing outside, Brooke suggested that I take a picture of the two of them. Of course I said yes so I did. But the strangest thing occurred. All the pictures we took were all superimposed. This is a digital camera, that I've used many times before for night time shots and they have always turned out very well. This time (as you can see from the pictures below) there appeared to be a fuzzy outline of -- something. When we looked at the preview of the picture, I said to the two of them, "It's Taylor!" "Taylor's here with us because we wants to share this moment with the three of us."

See what you think.

In the first picture, you can see the image of Taylor standing to the front left of Brooke. You can see the outline of his head directly above Brooke's white shoes. You can see the outline of his shoulders, chest and arms. He appears to be standing facing the camera. Same haircut as when he died. It's definately Taylor.

In the second one you will see the letter "B" and what appears to be an "orb." There is SO much energy around! Taylor is Kevin's guardian angel for sure!MediumPic632848745973906250.jpg


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Thank you for sharing the pictures.

I cannot imagine how hard it was to go to the banquet. What an incredible feeling it must be to have seen Taylor there and know he is with you. The pictures took my breath away. Did you get the chance to ask his friend Nick if he felt Taylor's slap on the back? Thank you again for sharing this.

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