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How Can I Go On?

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Today 5 weeks ago my husband died 2 days after his second bypass-operation. The doctors told us, his heart was beating very strongly and his chances were good. Then they said, the op had been ok, but 2 nights later they rang me up and said, he had just died.

We have been married for 43 years and now I'm here all alone. My children are grown-ups and have to live their own lives.

It makes me quite mad that I left him so unsuspecting the evening before the operation, we never even thought of it!

I ought to have known. Every night at 3.30 ( the time they phoned me ) I wake up with a start in my bed and imagine I hear the phone ringing.

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Dear Audrey,

I feel your loss, we were married 46 years, childhood sweethearts. I lost my husband this past )ct 20, 2004 to prostate cancer. I don't know how I will ever get over this pain. We were sole mates and friends.

My husband suffered for a year and the past 5 weeks of his life were very sad for both of us knowing we would have to part. We have 4 grown children who are a blessing and were a great support to me during his illness. They are there for me now, but they need also to get on with their lives and I need to let go.

I pray for that your pain will lessen with time as I hope mine will. Be strong.

Charlie's Grace

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