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Hi All,

The Ontario Government has created Family Day, To me it is just another special day to miss my mom and dad... My family stopped being a family after mom and dad died so you see today is just like any other day but it makes me feel sad because I miss my mom and dad so much on days like this... Shelley

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I know what you mean, Shelly. Try to look at it as just another day. It will be a sad reminder for you nonetheless. It's a good intention on the part of your govt., it is just impossible to see the impact on those families in mourning. You are not alone. Please remember that.

I had to go to Caitlin's Princess Ball on Friday. It is her annual Girl Scout Father-Daughter dance. We went last year and cried together through it all. I thought I'd be more prepared this time. Walking in and seeing all the dad's and daughters in their finest clothes was like getting kicked in the stomach. It literally took the wind right out of me. We managed to get through it, but it wasn't fun.

So, just hang in there.

Your cyber sister,


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Hi Kath,

Thank you for your reply, I have tried to just think of special days as just normal every other days but seeing people around me having fun with their loved ones and me not being able to do the same thing is the hardest to handle... Take care Shelley

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