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Getting Philisophical: What Happens When We Die / When Pets Die?


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This is the age old question about life after death. Since many of you might know from my other post that I'm in the midst of grieving over the loss of my cat of 18 years (Oscar), I've really been thinking about the topic of life after death lately, and I'm wondering what are the thoughts of others.

I suppose if I knew for sure there is a life after death, and my beloved cat Oscar's soul is in a very happy/peaceful/beatiful place, then I would feel somewhat comforted. I am reluctant to simply accept the concept at face value because I want to (just like I shouldn't believe that I will see him again). But how incredibly awful it is to think that once a creature dies, that is the end of their soul too.

I know what I want to believe, namely that he is now in a beautiful afterlife free of pain, and he can see me, and heck he even might be looking over me at times. He might even see me grieving for him so he really knows how much I miss him.

Any thoughts on the topic???

Thank you in advance,


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Dear Andy,

Your story touched me deeply and I wanted to tell you that I personally believe in an afterlife. I've been very sad about having to relinquish my Greyhound, Bingley, and want very much to see her again in the afterlife - if not once more in this life. I asked my mother for her opinion and she firmly believes that we will all see our beloved pets again on the other side, just as we believe we will meet many of our human loved ones on the other side someday. I believe in The Rainbow Bridge (or something similar), where we will meet our companions again, and that they are now waiting for us to come back to them.

I will continue to keep you in my thoughts during this difficult time.

Many Hugs,


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