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I went with my Dad who is elderly, but has 't been with my Mom for over 30 years and because they were still "technically" married, he has an opportunity to suvivor Pension. as fhere is also a Death benefit that I would be intitled too, but do not in any way want my dad to have it. We had this conversation waiting to talk to someone about this, and he said, "well if there is money involved, I should take it" See the thing is this: he has not spoken to her or said very pleasant things in the last 30 years, so my anger towards that comment was very upsetting and he didn't acknowledge it and at that point I wanted to ask " what did you do ot deserve this????. I realize he is getting old, what had he done to help out my mom in the last 30 years, was nothing, didn't even acknowledge her existance unless I had mentioned it T :wacko::wacko: his isn;t about the money as apposed to that I think he didn't deserve it. This is the week I have had....all this paperwork for a few dollars....how frustrating..

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