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Feeling So Lost Since My Dads Death: What To Do?

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When I last posted I told my story how a daughter needs a dad yet God needed him more! His birthday just happened this past sunday and it feels like he should be their! I feel so empty without him in my life, and it really has impacted my life more than I ever thought possible! Any advice that anyone of you have would be greatly appreciated! Cause sometimes I feel as if im all alone when it comes to this! Even though I have support of family and friends and I know im not the only one I still have this deep feeling of sadness, as if my heart actually aches. So any advice would be great!



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Hi Magic,

I lost my best friend, who took me in as a boarder when I first came to Canada, and I was turned from a impatient, impulsive man by her kindness and patience to listen more and react if at all. Now she is gone but I know that she is here with me forever in my heart. Because my heart changed because of her. So I can say that she will live on through me. I don't feel she is lost I feel she and I will continue on this journey together, and frankly I only need to keep her thoughts alive to think she is always here with me. I think of her everyday and every night, but I think of her as alive inside of me.

Take care,


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