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Lost My Best Friend - My Dad

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Hello everyone,

I'm in a place that is so familiar to me, yet feel so lost. I lost my Mother to cancer in June of 1989. From there, I took care of my Father who felt like one side of his body had been ripped away from him. My parents had been married for 30 years and after a very short battle with cancer (1 week), my Mother was gone.

Now I find myself in that same situation again. My Father was diagnosed on June 12 of this year with a stage IV malignant brain tumour. After "rushing" him through the system for testing, surgery, etc. it was deemed that he had about two months to live.

I once again could not believe that the same sad news could be true about my Father. My Father and I were best friends. Although he lived about 2 hours from me, we still spent a lot of time together and talked on the phone at least 3 times a day.

I watched my Father's health go rapidly down hill and then on August 3 he transition into a new chapter in his life. I do talk peace knowing that he has been re-united with my Mom which was his objective since she passed but I'm lost, I'm silent and lonely.

I know I will go through the stages of grief, but for the here and now, it is so hard and my heart hurts so much. I never thought I would have no parents at my age. Parents are suppose to live to be grandparents. I'm certainly glad that my Father was here for my wedding and to spend 15 year with his grandchildren.

Any advice would be appreciated. I wish there was a phone that I could call him on, or something.........................

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Sad for Dad

I wish I had some words that might bring you comfort...I just wanted to know you are in my thoughts. You are not alone, keep posting here, it helps.

I lost both my parents and like you, never thought I would be without my parents at this age. My kids are both now in college and I miss my parents even more. Take care of yourself.

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