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hello I have just joined and I am utterly devestated I feel so sad and angry. Gregory my little Maltese he was just 2had a shocking accident on Saturday the 19th.

I was cleaning the floors a wooden floor and the washer broke down and I was so stressed with doing so many things on my own, my sister was meant to be watching the dogs . He wasnt meant to in the room and someone let him in under a bed. Later in the day after cleaning the washer mess I went tothe fridge to get something and a bowl that was left on there fell and broke, it fell in such a way that a portion of it hit my leg and cut it.

I called for help and went inside. That is when the accident happened I put my leg up on the bed for my sister to apply pressure. I had my hand resting on the back of a computer chair and she pulled it out from me I felt myself going down backwards and without realizing it gregory was there,

I hit him and he died. I am so angry it was uncessary that he went like this. yet I am so sad. He has been laid to rst but when Ilook at his little resting place my grief overwhelms me and the anger at such a needless de

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Dear Pippin,

I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet little Gregory. :(

You said it yourself in the 2nd line of your post - "accident". That is what is was, an accident. You shouldn't feel responsible, it was an accident. Sometimes things happen in a split second and we wish we could turn the clock back.

I wish I could say something to make the hurt go away and I know it hurts.

Take care of yourself.

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I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Please do not blame yourself. Unfortunatley accidents do happen in this life and we never know why. I can tell you loved him very much and he knew that too. One thing that helped me was to journal when I was going through the grief process. I would just jot down my feelings and thoughts whenever I felt a need to. Once you again my prayers and heart goes out to you. Keep coming back to this website for the support that you need during this painful time in your life.

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Pippin, it truly WAS an accident!!! You did NOTHING wrong. It's so hard when things like this happen. I lost my toy poodle over 2 months ago, and still feel responsible. But eventually, I'm starting to 'forgive' myself. We love our pets, and always feel totally responsible for them. But sometimes things just 'happen'. I believe that we will see our furbabies on the 'other side' someday. It makes no sense that God would create them for us only to take them away permanently. He knows how we love them, and God IS Love!!! Forgive yourself.....you know your precious pet doesn't blame you.....he knows how you loved him! I hope you consider getting another dog.....I did, and it's helping me more every day......they need us, and we most certainly need them!

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You wrote that you feel responsible... you AREN'T responsible. You and Gregory were both involved in the same extended accident is all. You are not responsible for the laws of gravity... once you were off balance your body was simply a large object falling to earth. Don't let the weirdness of the accident contaminate your grief.

I'm very sorry for your loss. Sending a hug.

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