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Almost 3 Years Since My Mom's Passing


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Okay so I'm new at this. My mom was an alcoholic. She got really sick a little bit after I graduated from high school. We didn't get along at all we fought every night,but when she got sick. I was the one who took care of her. Helped her walk, took her to the doctor, took her to the hospital.I graduated in may of 2006 she stared to get sick around July 2006. In the end of October 2006 we took her to the Hospital. She was in her own room for about a week. Then they took her to ICU she was at the whole time. They then put her under so the machine could breath for her she was having trouble. I never got the chance to talk to her before they did that. that was the last time she was conscious. Still bothers me to this day. she was moved from one hospital to the other cause they had more equipment, that was around the middle of November. It was really hard for me when she wasn't able to cook for thanksgiving that year. Every day when I got off work I would go visit her. I remember the last day I saw her alive. I just got off of work. Went to the hospital to see her like I alway do. My dad, little brother and her sister (My aunt) where already there. The doctor took us all aside and told us she isn't getting any better. In fact she is getting worst. So my dad and my aunt talk about it and decide it would be best if we pull the plug. We all went in her room and watched the cowboys game. My mom loved the cowboys. they won that day 23 to 20. When it was time to pull the plug me n My brother couldn't be there so we said our good byes and left. She died at 8pm On December 3, 2006. Her birthday was January 3 she was going to be 50.Now it's been almost 3 year since her death and I think I'm pretty much the only one who is Depress still. Even tho me and my mom didn't get along we did bond when she got sick. Think that's why I'm still having trouble.

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My dear,

It has been 10 years since my mom passed, last week my mother in law passed. The peace that I have found over the years is not to do the should of, could of, would of. Your mom is at peace and in her own way loved you very much. She held you as you were in her womb and told you stories. She waited for the day that she could just hold you and look at you with her true love. Enjoy and embrace those thoughts, if you have a family, forgive quickly and love them deeply. They need you as true as you were when you were born.

It is hard, I know that, but it works and the love that you get back will be 10 fold.

I am here for you at spunkmister@hotmail.com.

You will be fine, and are in my thougts and prayers.


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I'm sorry for your loss. I just lost my Mom recently and I noticed I grieve so different than my family. They all just moved on to their normal lives. I feel like I don't want to see them because I don't relate to how they adjusted that fast.

Do you have other support in your life? If so, I hope they are helping you now. I've learned to rely on online support because they understand how I feel.


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