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Fly Away Home 10/10/09

Dean, the time has come for you to fly away. You have traveled through this life to the bright light of your final destination. The one you loved, admired and worshiped has called you home. It was your greatest desire to be united with your Heavenly Father. You are home now Dean,.........forever.

When we look up to the heavens, we will think of you. When we look up at the stars, we will search for the brightest star, it will surely be you, looking down on us, reminding us of your love and your spirit. The sound of your laughter will remain in our hearts and your smile will shine through our tears.

Yes we will cry, we will miss you terribly. But is's okay, we understand it was time for you to fly away home. We loved you enough to let you go. You are no longer in pain, you feel no sadness, nor will you shed anymore tears. Your earthly fight is over! You are wrapped in the loving arms of God. You are free~~~~free to walk within the pearly gates of heaven. You are at peace. Your home is now with the angels. You have flown away to the most wonderful place! We love you Dean, forever...........

Debbie and Derek

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Derby, those words are truly beautiful.

If you really really truly love someone, you have to let them go. It is the most selfless act we can do for them. And you did. Always remember that .... in the months to come, the knowledge that you did so will give you comfort (it did me).


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