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post-13435-125763274764_thumb.jpgI am living in a large rented house that I shared with my husband and our two dogs. My husband passed away in early October - very unexpectedly from massive cardiac failure. The house brings me nothing but memories and at this stage I am not sure it is the best place for me to be to get thru this sudden loss. The area is filled with restaurants, beaches, stores - that we frequented. It all hurts. Some family members are urging me to move - locally or long distance. My grief counselor told me to stay put for a few months as a move would add to much stress to an already stressful situation. I am just wondering what other people have done who were able to have the option to move. Remain in the house and work thru the grief or move and work thru the grief in a new location? Remain in the area or seek a new place to live? I'm afraid a new area or home may intensify a feeling of isolation although I am surrounded by family and friends. Thank you for your input and any advice you have been given by professionals or others who have gone thru the same situation.

- Linda

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