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Loss Of My Mom On June 16, 2009

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Hello there. I've just joined this site and hoping I can find friends on here that are going through the same thing as me.

I need to tell you what happened to my mom on June 16, 2009. On the Monday before she had went to the doctor about a pulled groin muscle. She was given a shot for a muscle relaxer. She called me later that day to tell me what had happened and I could tell that her tongue sounded swollen. I didn't think anything about it. Just told her to rest and I would talk to her tomorrow. Little did I know that would be the last time I would talk to her. Anyway the next morning about 5:45 my sil called and said that my dad, brother and her were taking my mom to the emergency room about a 30 minute drive from here. My mom was having trouble breathing and couldn't swallow and her tongue was swollen she also was complaining of being cold but she was hot to the touch. Anyway I told her to call me and let me know what they find out. We figured it was just a bad allergic reaction to the shot. Well around 7 my husband comes home to take me and the kids to the hospital. I didn't know why we needed to go and couldn't figure out what was going on. We get there and I see my sister outside. I get out of our car and her she comes and she tells me that mama is gone. I start crying and say NO NO and feel my knees go out from under me. Anyway to make a very long story short, the autospy report said she died from viral pneumonia, something we didn't even know she had. I miss her everyday. She wasn't just my mom she was my best friend. I could talk to her about anything. My days are better but sometimes I just have to sit down and cry. There are days I just want to here her voice and give her a hug. Don't like the empty feeling I sometimes have in my heart. Sometimes its still hard to believe that she is really gone.

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HI Cheryl,

Knowing a person whom you can trust with all your feelings and suddenly not having them there is hard, and harder if they die so suddenly. I hope you have faith that just because you can't see your mom physically won't take her away from you. Please keep building your faith that your mom is there with you ,for you. I am grateful for my best friend, who kept me strong and I know that I have her in my life every step of the way even though I can't see her , I have faith she is here with me.



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