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Hi, Woke up this a.m. trying to feel positive. The plans are to drive to Chris & Val's in Easton arriving at one for drinks and snacks, then ham dinner at 3 p.m. This is my son who's plans always go wrong. The 2 year old had conjunctivitis 2 days ago, now Mom's at the ER with conjunctivitis and breathing problems. Chris has a whopper of a lip (no not from a punch) he's prone to cold sores and this one has infected in lip so he's on the way to the MD. It's now 10 and I thought if I took my Ativan this a.m. it would get my calmed down but now I'm getting anxious.Well, I made the pumpkin pudding (low cal) and I think it's pretty tasty. I'm dressed and it sounds as though they need my help so I'll get things together here and head over. I just wanted them to be upbeat for me, cause this is my sensitive, emotional, child and I know he wanted the best he can for me for the next two days. He also is planning for me to come early to see Dani open her presents then invited some cousins over for brunch. I dunno. So I said I'd post of Christmas Eve...see you later Enjoy and God Bless Judy

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