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Ron B.

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To Marty and to all. I need to first explain something, to make the apology comprehensible.

I am badly faulted in a way that runs very deep. Anger can be a bottomless chasm for me. I sometimes free-fall into it quite willingly. It has hardened me in ways beyond my own comprehension.

8 years ago I had a dispute with my sister. She became verbally abusive on several occasions, said things in anger than no one should ever say. I remained civil. My Mother, to her own regret, took sides in the dispute. That is when my anger ran off of the scale. I refused to visit with my mother at her home for 6 years, though we did exchange letters, and phone calls. I'd see her only if she visited me. I was much more severe with my sister. I would not speak to her at all for 6 years. And she was equally hardened. Would never and will never apologize for anything she has ever done.

It was my Mother's forthcoming death that broke the deadlock. I forgave my sister, and came home to be my Mother's caregiver. I slept with my Mom to keep close watch, and I held her while she had panic attacks. I got in all the quality time that was left. The bond with my Mom runs so deep, and I can't believe that I severed it for 6 years.

This is my fault, the terrible force of my own anger. It is more tractable when my grievance is small, and some time has passed. I am at heart a very gentle person.

I extend a full apology to Marty. You don't have to walk on egg shells around me; you can speak as you please.

My previous post got complete answers, thank you all. I would request this post be left as a stark apology with no responses, but that's not reality. Post as you please, but I will not be responding.

Babs, have you found some rope and a good tree for me? I don't mind swaying in the breeze for a while.

Ron B.

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Ron, OMG..

With that I Sincerely Hope what Your Are Saying is "Bring Some Wood also and Together We Will Build a Swing" because I wouldn't mind Swaying With the Breeze Also..and With A Friend..

Love and Peace..Ron.


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