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Hi-I thought perhaps telling about our dogs might help someone,somehow.

Ever since I was little I only knew of our dog Lady Ann. She was an australian shepard. I remember the time she thought she could still sleep under my childs rocker but she got stuck and they had to break the chair apart to get her out.

My father would use up the rest of the movie camera film just on lady chasing her tail!

One night she began having seizures.Turned out she was now diabetic! She would get my mother up each morning for her two milk bones after her insulin shot! And she ofcourse ate better than us :)

Sadly a neighbor thru chicken bones over our fence which she got ahold of and it tore her up badly inside and one day as I was off to school,my mother told me to say bye to lady.Well I was in a hurry and barely did.We didn't realize that she had someone take lady and herself to the vet and have lady put to sleep :(

Some time went by and my mother so wanted another dog so my mother picked the one from the litter that had small paws,figuring she wouldn't grow much..95lbs later! April Dawn (april dawn elizabeth-when she was in trouble) was a german shepard, lab and golden retriever all rolled into one. She ate thru furniture and baseboards :) She had hair growing on her tongue and would let the grandkids pet her tongue!

Where Dawn wanted to go,you did!

Sadly she ended up with so many health issues that we had a vet come to the house for blood work. I kind of blame the same pet food company that we fed both dogs(so we don't feed our current dog that brand) What was worse, was Dawn could barely walk but the vet wouldn't provide us with a cart of some sorts.She kept laying down in the parking lot on her way into the vet to be put to sleep :(

It has taken years but christmas 2008 santa brought my mother a gift certificate from the humane society so last april we got a border collie mix and my mother re-named her Jessie after the murder she wrote character on tv.

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