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To Sudden Death

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You were given 2 years. The week before my husband died they gave him six months, next 3 months, then days, and finally 30 minutes. I was there by his side holding his hand, when he died. All of the movies you see on TV show the patient just closing his eyes. It was the worse thing I've witnessed I don't want to ever witness that again.

I'm sure your like me I live in a house full of his things, his clothes, all of the things he had collected in 35 years. Yesterday When I got home from work I had to patch the fence. I could do it because I had helped him do things so many times. It isn't as pretty or perfect, and I know it would be up to his standards, but I tried. Him being disabled for 21 years, I learned to take his orders and me using the hammar.

I still can't turn on a show that he always watched.

You didn't say how long it had been, since yours went to heaven. My has been 5 weeks and 1 day.

We need to pray for each other, you can get in touch anytime.


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I am sorry for everyone's loss...everyone's experience of how there loved one went is different, the thing we have in common is the pain of grieving, even though we can griev differently. My husband died suddenly in the night while we were on vacation in Mexico....I too experienced the death unlike anything I had ever seen or known and I still relive those moments (although not as often). I too have triggers of pain when I see tv programs my husband enjoyed or food he loved..the triggers are everywhere but we do learn to cope with them after a while. Stay in touch with this site to help you through..everyone here cares about the well being of others and can validate what you are going through. It is a tough road and I know how you feel. Take care of yourself and try to stay in the moment.

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