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Stepmom Dies Then Grandma 4 Months Later .

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when i was 12 my step mom had went into surgery, and she was on outpaient. and started throwing up blood. i wanted to call my dad but she told me not to and everything was going to be ok. but i shouldn't have listened to her. at 11:30 that night she was pronouced dead. four months later my grandma had died from terminal cancer. those were the only two mother figures i had in my life and they both died . and now people will be so ignorant and make fun of me because i don't have a mother that wants to be there for me. and it really hurts me and i don't know what to do anymore i just hit things and people, and i yell and scream at the top of my lungs when i get mad now . i don't know what to do. please help me. (:

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hi there sodcdancer,

I am so sorry for you loss and pain. It's so awful losing a parent, the one person who we just want and expect to always be there. I'm sorry for all thee frustration and anger you have. I get so angry aswell.....the only time I feel I can scream is in my car driving when nobody can hear me, then it just turns to tears, little panic attacks.

I know there is nothing I can say to help you but we are all here to listen to whatever you want to say whenever.

you say you don't know what to do and want help. Have you spoken or thought about speaking to any counsellors or are there any groups in your area that you could go to ? I see you are only 16, so young to lose your Mom and Grandma....

you will find so many people here will just listen to what you want to say. While we don't know your exact pain, we too all have our own, missing our dearest darling loving parents and wondering how we are supposed to go on, how do we live now without them.They are not supposed to leave this soon, there's too much more to do with them.

hugs and love to you. I can't imagine your pain and sadness.

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hello there .

yes i have tried to talk to consulers around my area and when i do it just makes me have flashbacks to the two days that it had happened and they always tell me to move on and forget about it .

but thank youu . (:

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oh wow I'm sorry sweetie,they definitely don't sound any good.i haven't been myself,just not ready and don't want to at the mo.I have heard people say sometimes it takes time before you find the right one,it's good you are trying that. Can you look for another one? Did the one you go to specialize in bereavement counselling.I can't believe they would tell you forget it move on.this isn't something you can help and someone saying that is so insensitive and horrible. I too get flashbacks of the last time i saw my Dad talking to me,flashbacks of the doc performing CPR but he was long gone.forgetting it is something we will never do,it's try to live with is all we can do.

I wish you could find someone better to talk to. I don't know what to say to you.


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thank you for the help tho i appreciate it alot. and yes maybe i can find a better place to go to then.

hey sweetie,

just wanted to send you some hugs today. it's a horrible tough day for all us missing our loved ones. I hope you will come talk to us when you feel like it, ranting venting or whatever.


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