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Touching Video About A Daddy's Girl

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I just came across this and wanted to share, the video and photos touched me and I just wish I could rewind, be that little girl playing with my Daddy, not having a care or worry in the world. Those were happy days.

I hope you like it,


much hugs,



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Hi Niam !! I've been trying to watch the video, but It's not working ! It might be because it's windy here today? From what I can tell of the parts I did see, it looks beautiful and it would probably make me cry! :( I'll try again tomorrow ! Have a good night, or maybe it's morning there right now? I still can't get that straight! Love to you my wonderful friend !! xoxo Jodi :)

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The video is soooo cute. I really liked it, but also i couldn't stop crying the whole time I was watching it. I wish my father were here, I miss him soooo much. It saddens me a bit knowing he won't be giving me away the day of my wedding (whenever i decide to get married). Anyhow, I am sure all of us daughters can relate to the video.

Thanks Niamh :)

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