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My Siblings Are Driving Me Crazy!

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Okay, this is a tough time as it is. We are trying to stay strong and help my Mom all we can. That is great.

But my siblings are driving me crazy! One of them is in this house all the time, doing things, rearranging things and them being here is really making it uncomfortable for me. It is like I have to tippy-toe around and can't be myself! I am the youngest in the family and live with my Mom. They keep calling it "Mom's house" and have done so for years. It is really insulting. As if to tell me, "this is not your house and you are lucky that Mom lets you live here."

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I am sorry you are going through a tough time. Is it possible for you to talk to your siblings and perhaps set up a schedule of some sort so that you can have some semblance of normalcy in your home? Maybe they need to be gently reminded that it is your home too.

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