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Hi All,

This is my fifth Mother's Day without my mom, and for those who are new to this no it does not get easier... My first Mother's Day, I remember that I was putting all my mom's belongings away forever... They told me it would be best for my dad if I did this for him, I could not believe they made me do it on that day... After all it was only three weeks before that my mom actually died...My second Mother's Day I bought a balloon and tied a message on it and let it go way up high in the sky... The third and fourth I just hid away and quietly remembered how much I missed her and loved her... This being the fifth Mother's I made some clay flowers and I made a special card to thank her for all she did for me... Shelley

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What a wonderdful idea you had to remember your mother with a balloon and message. My mom has been gone since 2004 and I miss her especially on Mother's Day. She lived 200 miles from me but there wasn't a Mother's Day missed seeing her. I hope you don't mind, I am going to send a ballon to her in Heaven tommorrow. Hope your day isn't too hard, I am sending you a hug.


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Hi Lainey,

I just came back from a very cold and over cast day out but I bought a very colourful balloon and wrote a very personal note to my mom and said I love you and released the balloon and watched it go up in the sky till I could not see it anymore...My mom will love it and know that I am thinking of her today on this Fifth Mother's day without her... Shelley

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