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Today is 4 weeks since I lost my loved one. I am in the depths of hell right now, I never knew this much pain was possible. I'm trying to reach out to people who have walked this path before me and made it to the other side, I need to know that people survive, because right now if I could wish it I would wish myself gone. My entire life is falling apart, I'm sick on top of it at the moment, have cried so much I have actually lost my voice. I am reading a book and this person talkes about going into the pit of grief, the agony part, I just need to know there is a way out, because I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel, I don't even believe there is a light to look for. I'm in such a dark, dark place I don't know what to do. Thanks as always for listening. I hope you each find some peace this weekend. :(

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Try and close your eyes and you will hold on to him tighter in your heart. Your heart will be strong and you will not have to worry that he is gone. I do it with my heart and I feel better that my friend is always with me.

Take care,


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