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Hi back in 2000 I fell in love with a guy name Tom. 6 months into the relationships we decided to get married.

well a week before the wedding he decided to call it off. I was very devastated & lonely. I decided to go to a shelter & adopt a cat. It was between these two one white & one black. the black cat kept touching me though his cage.I picked him.

I called him Paws because he was a pure Hemingway ( he had extra toes) boy I was in for a treat.

I fell in love with him deeply. He helped me get over the loss of a man I thought would be my husband.

He loved to cuddly with me. He was two when I adopted him. He had a water dance every time he would drink he would meow & move his feet back & forth. & then he would stick his paw in the dish & would sit there.

when he wanted something like his water bowl filled to the top or food dish filled he would sit there & wait calmly

for me to do it. he would touch me with his paw to wake me up or to say pay attention to me.

My dad always said he never like cats. but he fell for paws he would pick him up & put him on his walker with a seat & push him around. One day my dad started a saying between us Love you Meow. Paws was a good cat he knew where his litter box was no accidents. He was always with me when I was sick. I could hear him coming through my place he had those odd ball nails that would make noise before I clipped them. he would nose kiss me when he wanted me to get up.

You see my dad had extra fingers & toes they removed them when he was small. So paws was even special to me.

On July 26th 2005 I told my dad Love you meow, he did the same. after that conversation I went over & my sister told me he died of a massive heart attack. So Paws help me get through that I'm still grieving for my dad.

I lost paws 3 years after that he was throwing up. A friend was a vet tech & She paid for paws to get treated his pancreas was shot. They thought he was better. he was for a few days but in the end i had to put him down I was so devastated. He was one of a kind. He's now with my father & they are keeping each other company. I believe they are watching over me too. my friend made an impression of Paws's paw & paid to have him cremated for me. I got Paws Oct 15th 2000 a day after we were to become man & wife. & he died April 16th 2008.

a month later on May 15th 2008 I adopted two kittens Whiskers a black & white she had a curled tail that only you can feel she's a Hemingway on her two front feet. & her brother is Blackjack he is pure black. he had a very short tail & reminds me of paws he cuddles with me & puts his paws on me to say I'm here. No other cat with take Paws place.

Thanks to my friend Melissa for helping me try & save Paws.

these two are quite the pair never a dull moment . LOVE YOU MEOW PAWS & DAD


When he did escape my place he always came back he knew where his home was.

One time I went to Universal Studio's My parents were watching him. They lost him for two hours. He was hidden behind a entertainment center chilling.

He was a big cat he got behind my sister's washer & couldn't get out so we had to move a cabinet that was by him so he could get out.

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