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I Am Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad

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I don't know where to start. This week was my Mom's 60th birthday and she was so depressed celebrating her birthday without her son. It just made me so angry all over again about losing my brother.

I find that I am resentful of having to deal with my Mom's grief lately - my own is too much for me to handle. I have been going to counseling and have attended a couple of hospice grief groups myself and have been begging my mom to do the same and she refuses. I cannot make her understand that I can't be her counselor!!! It is too much for me.

As a result the whole world is making me angry....I am sick of everyone around me. I just want to run away.

So ....am I losing it??????/

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I am zeroing out my first reply to your post. I sometimes charge in to give advice, when I really don't understand what's going on. So no advice from me now; just a hope that you and your mom find healthy ways to cope with the grief.

Ron B.

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You sound very frustrated. I always find that if I step back and give something time my perspective often changes. You both need to be as patient as you can possibly be. You can only work on your own grief.Your mother's journey will be diffrent from your own. You might try to give her some literature to read since she doesn't want to be a part of a group. Here is the best book I could find. And I think it saved my life.I have bought copies for many people and everyone has commented on how helpful it is. good luck

A Time To Grieve By Carol Staudacher

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