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I found these on the web from the following article. Not sure if it will apply to all of us, but maybe a few of us can benefit. Much care to all of you!


Grief and loss recovery requires no method or order. It really depends on the individual, their social background or environment, their emotional strength at the time of their loved one's passing and it also depends on how they died or what kind of grief. So here we have some sensible ideas of grief recovery which can help or support in some way to get you past some of the hurt and anguish and on your way into grief and loss recovery.

1. If ever you live all by yourself, try taking into consideration getting a pet, but also bear in mind that having a person with you at home helps in breaking the silence. When considering this, make sure that you're prepared for company again and take care of the pet also.

2. Grief recovery is more effective if you try talking with many people you're comfy and at ease talking to particularly with somebody who empathize with your situation and a good listener truly helps.

3. I discovered that some persons are not comfortable enough being around an individual who lost a loved one and quite often don't know what to say. That's why you also have to let other people know how you like to be approached. If you want more warmth and compassion, say so. However, if you also want them to leave you alone, you could let them know in a gentle way. There's no way people would be able to know unless you say so.

4. And if you feel like doing it, visit your departed loved one's graveside. You could cry your heart out if you have to, and do not feel at fault about anything. Try talking to the grave, although you know that he or she will not be able to hear you-it can still be a curative process.

5. For grief recovery to be efficient, aim to do at least a single thing every day. At this moment in your life, you feel the low energy, so it's highly significant to do anything just to elevate your energy. And take note that it doesn't have to be really that hard. One way or another, the beauty of nature gives a sense of calm and serenity. So take a walk outdoors and take time just to be thankful for all the beautiful stuff around you.

6. By writing a letter to your departed loved one, grief recovery will be easier. Let them know they're very much missed and what has been happening ever since they've been gone. Let them know also how you feel about them not being around anymore. Tell them all those things you hoped you had said whilst they're still living.

7. The road to grief recovery do not mean being self-reliant through and through. Aim to reach out and mingle with like-minded persons who are also enthusiastic and ready to give you a helping hand in any way that they can. Most especially if you live alone, strive to form friendly relationships and connections to let you get back into reality. There are just way too many ideas when it comes to grief recovery aside from those given above.

Just bear in mind that we all have our own styles and time frame when it comes to dealing with our own grief.

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