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Our story begins on June 27 2004, that is the day that we received the most heartbreaking, devastating and overwhelming news that any parent could ever receive, that one of their childern has died. Our son Billy was killed on June 26 2004 while riding his ATV ( all terrain vehicle ) at night hitting a tree, Billy died instantly. In the days and weeks after the loss of our son Billy, one of my most overwhelming needs was to make a connection with our son Billy in heaven. I had no idea if it was even possible, but I was going to try no matter what anyone would say about it. For me, a great deal of my healing process had to do with making that connection with our son Billy. We have a website www.oursonbilly.com which is in honor of our son Billy which anyone may visit read our complete story and view a few pages of the amazing event that began to occur to us about 10 months after Billy crossed over to heaven. We have been and continue to receive many signs from Billy that he is still with us all be it in spirit form. Your welcome to visit our website read our story and hopefully it can be a help to you in some way.



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