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I want to share one of my rituals I do every night in the hopes it may also help you. I believe this is what Melissa wants for me. Melissa, was the type of woman that when she walked into a room, she commanded the room. Not in a forceful way but in a gentle confident way. Melissa, was a survivor as myself. We completed each other. I let her in, and she let me in. I was so blessed, and still am. Our love continues, she will be in my heart always. I looked at her picture for the first time a little while back and I sobbed, but tears of joy, in rememberance of what our life was together. I hope that you all will feel this joy too one day. Melissa's suicide is only one moment of our life together and if I focus only on that surely I would die. Melissa is not defined by her choice to end her life, and our love is not defined by that choice.

You can find one of my rituals I do every night at the following website: http://www.mayyoubeblessedmovie.com/

May we all be blessed,

Carol Ann

ps: tried to attach the file but said it was too big

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Thank you Lainey, I am glad that it touched you. Sorry I did not respond to your post till now.

Blessings and Courage, Carol Ann

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