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We Lost Our Daughter, They Lost A Sister


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We lost one of our children at lake Tapps. Our children lost a sister.. I can't begin to explain the emptiness we all feel . She was a very special person full of love adventure and kindness. Heaven will be a better place because of her..........

The boat she and her friends we're swimming around that night was stationed 50 feet from the dock, off of Inlet island on lake tapps. Perfect conditions for a late night swim. Denise and others had been jumping from the boat into the water that night, as some of them swam for the dock, Denise and others were offered a ride ( pulled by the ski boat ) since the boat was idling the amount of carbon monoxide was high, It was dark as the boat slowly headed back, half way back to the dock sleepily she let go and went under with out a struggle. It was to late by the time they all realized what had happened.

I remember watching a grieving Mother on TV earlier this summer warning others about the loss of their daughter in much the same way as we have lost Denice.

As I watched, I thought to myself how sad this story was, but it doesn't effect me. We have no boat....................

Now we have no daughter. our kids lost their sister

The cause of death was drowning, due to carbon monoxide emissions, CM poising is a silent killer she was one of the best athletes and could swim forever, alot of you live near or on a lake, Please take a moment to explain the danger....

God Bless........

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Oh my heart goes out to you......I cant and wont even try to think how you must be feeling.......Im a mum too and its just too unimaginable.....

So brave of you to post about this to explain the dangers.....Im sorry I have nothing clever to say to ease your pain.....

Biggest hugs and Ill remember you and your family in my prayers......God bless you too ! I wish you so much strength....

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