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hi Brody,

like abergsma says just being there to listen is really all you can do. You already know one the main things I personally find important and that is knowing and accepting that you cannot fix it, you cannot take away any of his pain, there is no "cheering up" to be done.

It can get more difficult as time goes on because for others, months/years are a lot longer than for someone who has lost a loved one, time stands still to a certain extent for that person so knowing people still have the same patience months or years later means a lot.

Yes, I'm sure he will probably always have up and down days for the rest of his life, he will never forget his little girl and the pain of losing her will probably surface from time to time sometimes triggered by certain date/anniversary, sometimes perhaps out of the blue.

So all I can suggest is to continue being the kind friend you are to him listening to him without judgement and remembering him and his family.

he's very very lucky to have a friend/co-worker like you


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