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i've lost the two sons who loved me in word and deed..i know too well this thing called greif/beareavment...

the last two weeks i've been obsessed..(i'm adhd/dyslexic also)


i know this behavior is part of my greif....i haven't even told my husb yet of this purchace

i found a place to get the money and while he's outa town i'm purchasing the charms....


somex's i can't help myself....i NEED to do these things to survive living here on planet earth without my two sons...

can anyone relate to this??

am i just stil crazy with the greif if living the rest of my life without my sons???

i feel like a childless mother..

i am thankful for what i do have...yet NOTHING no NOTHING will EVER fill the gaping whole in my heart..

i am alone in my greif..not even my dear husb walks this road with me for they were his "step" sons and altho he cared about them...he still has his sons alive on planet earth..

thank'x for listening ,, rainie

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I have never had children. I can't imagine something that was part of you, brought into the world by you and losing them. Just don't be angry that he has his kids still. Be happy for him. Yes, you can be sad. You will survive it. I lost my husband of 33 years. The love of my life. Purchasing charms? I did jewelry for six months. Then I remodelled the house

the way I wanted it. We all handle things differently.Don't hide too much from your husband. Many people lose a spouse after a death. They think the other doesn't care as much or miss them as much. Cling to him for support and you won't be alone in the sadness.

Thinking about you. LindaKay

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