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so sorry Em, I do find that I can get really nervous, something will trigger it most of the time for me, something stressful mostly times it will be something that I would have gone straight to Dad about and he would sort it and/or sort me, now there's nobody to "take" that worry away from me, take away that scared feeling.

as you well know, tv is my outlet and sometimes I will cling to it so much when that nervous feeling hits.

Sometimes I will keep telling myself aswell over and over that this life is temporary, I'm not stuck here forever, that it's only a stopover and my Dad is on the other side waiting for me to get there.

Does this always work, nope it doesn't, sometimes I just cry cry and cry about it all, sometimes I feel like everything inside me is just going to burst out because I'm so sad and want him back so badly.

I try to tell myself that the nervous feeling will pass or I just tell myself that I don't care about anything anyways, that there is no point worrying about anything because someday I'll just be out of here anyways.

As for what my life means now, I struggle a lot with that, it's not that I don't think I'm important but I do wonder so much about my purpose here, of course right now it's for my Mom, that much I do know but outside of that I struggle to find any meaning for my life.

(((HUGS))) to ya honey


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When my stress level is high I sometimes do feel like I'm losing my grip. About 5 months into grief (last March) the business of dividing my mother's belongings between other family members almost pushed me over the edge. At that time I developed pneumonia! Add to that serious friction with a sibling! That's when I made a decision to work with a mental health professional. That helped stabilize me within a couple weeks. Other than a 'crisis' situation when the stress is high, I have noticed that even minor stress will bring on grief. My levels of emotionality and self doubt spike when I'm confronted with things I'm not sure how to handle. I sometimes get restless and sleep fitfully because of worry. Even a cup of coffee can make me overly anxious. Like almost everyone else here, I am faced with rebuilding my life after the loss of someone very dear to me. I am not sure what to do a lot of the time! That's when I feel lost and I have to struggle to recover a sense of purpose.

Things that help stabilize me? A daily routine that includes exercise. Regular contact with friends and family members. Projects that will better my life, which are doable with persistent effort. Other than that I am struggling just like you.

Ron B.

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