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Daddys Girl Poem


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I wrote this last night and wanted to share. I can't believe today goes on like "normal" for the world.


It's Christmas eve but alls not right

For Daddys girl, it's a lonely night

Filled with tears,sorrow,sadness and pain

And an ache she wishes the world would take

For Daddys in Heaven and not here with me

Why God oh why was this meant to be?

No presents for him under the tree,no coffee sweets for his cup of tea,

flowers for her Daddys grave is all that Daddys girl can lay.

He loved Chrismas time,played Santa each year

To his grown up girl,why can't he still be here.

She'll always be his one and only as she waits for the day that won't be so lonely.

She could do with a hug,a chat and some cheer 

Her only Christmas wish is the hope he's still near.

Merry Christmas dear Daddy in Heaven above,please don't forget me and send on your love.

All My Love Always

you're one and only,xo

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That is beautiful Niamh! I KNOW your Daddy would love it and does! I am so sorry that you are going through this. It is my first Christmas without parents. It is just not the same and none of it has sunken in yet.

To add to it, my Dad's birthday is December 24th. We always had a party for him when I was younger (he mainly wanted to have for the kids to enjoy; not for him). I still think about it every year. Also, my Dad used to read me "The Night Before Christmas" every year when I was little. I loved it and I know I have the book that was his. I went to look for it and I can't find it! Reading to my dog would have made me feel a little closer to him. My Mom being gone too is just too much. It doesn't feel like Christmas. I can't describe how it feels. HUGS to you! ((((( )))))

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Thank you so much Aquarius.

I'm sorry you had to deal with your Dads birthday at the same time,that's SO rough to say the least

I cannot even imagine Christmas without any parents,my heart goes out to you,I dread that day because someday that will be me too and it scares me so much.

Sometimes I wonder does it ever really sink in properly. I've spent some days telling myself this can't be real,i hear a car outside and think Dads home,not sure if my mind needs some denial to get through. It feels so surreal again lately.

Aw that's so lovely your Dad reading you that story,I'm sorry you couldnt find the book. I never thought I'd see the day where I am SO GLAD Christmas is over,now the New year dread is here :-(

Well unfortunately I have no words of comfort but I have a big hug for you.

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