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Help, Cant Cry Anymore


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I feel so helpless and sick and I know what will help is to think about what has happened and cry but I can't do it. I watched a film and it was horrible what happens to people in some countries and I can cry at that but I can't cry at my situation anymore, I feel like I know he's gone but at the same time that he's still gonna come back that's why I cant cry! I hate it I really need to it's the only thing that will help but I don't know how!

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I hear you Hun, I've had that too and seem to at the moment. I feel cranky,I feel it all on the inside but can't seem to get it out. I can't seem to make myself look at photos or think back or forward,it's just too much.

I've noticed a few times lately when I hear a noise near the front door it's relief for a split second thinking at last Dads home.

I still have a hard time believing how real and permanent it is.

Sometimes I've noticed when driving the tears will start to come,I hardly even feel like I'm crying,it's like they just stream without actually crying....if that makes any sense! But then I get home to the tv to zone out!

I want to have a good cry and wonder if now I'm afraid to or something, don't really know.

I guess nothing I've said helps or suggests anything but just wanted you to know Im there with you.


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