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I Lost My Loving Brother, It Is So Painful !


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I am a sister who lost a 33 years old brother in a bus crash on Novemeber 2010, My brother stayed in a coma for 2 weeks he couldnt survive because the brain was damaged. He was my friend, he was there for me all the time, we were really close and he was so speciall in the family, I just cant forget him and I still can't beleive he is gone for ever, it is like a piece of me is gone with him, I feel so empty inside and nothing seems to fill that. I cry everyday I miss him so badly, I despite the bus driver because of his careless driving 19 people are dead and he survived. all I can say is losing someone you care about it is the most toughest experience ever.

I am just hoping to learn to live my life along with all the good memories that we shared.

Thank you all for being here to listen !

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Guest Nicholas

You poor thing, I can't imagine the pain and shock, my son was in hospital for 11 days before passing away and that was bad enough, but if he'd died in an accident I'd have been even more distraught, if that's possible.

There are many on here who will be able to help you.


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Im so sorry for your loss. I know first hand how it feels to lose close family and friends that you consider family. My story is a long one. Its on my profile page. If you have the time then you can read it so you know Im serious. I just lost my best friend/brother of almost 30 yrs in the last week of September '10. I cant say your gonna feel this or that. Everyone grieves in their own way. Its a piece of you and you life that you will never get back. I am still a mess. Its only been 4 months yesterday. But I see no light at the end of the tunnel. I dont have to tell you how hard it is. It will never go away and you will never forget. But it does get eisier. Its slow, dont get me wrong. Just take things hour by hour if you need to. Thats what I have done. I have his children to take care of. Which is a pleasure dont get me wrong. But I dont have any kids of my own. Now I am thrust into father hood of a 9 yr old little girl who just lost her father, and a 14 yr old boy. Its so confusing and unfair. Again Im so sorry. Coming to this site and being able to share with people who "get it" is theraputic. If you ever want to bs it would be my pleasure. We unfortnately share a common sorrow. He was only 35. And it wouldnt hurt to just be able to bounce things off someone. Just to release some pressure and try to decompress. Take care of yourself regardless. One thing I learned was that if you dont take care of yourself, you will draw everything else out. Especially if your trying to be there for other loved ones. Its no good to yourself or anyone you care about if you neglect yourself. Another lesson I learned the hard way. Whatever you do, I wish you the best, and my offer stands if ever or whenever you want to take me up on it. John

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