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If I Die, Survive Me

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This was a poem dedicated to me during Michael's Memorial. It is still difficult for me to read and difficult for me to grasp (I'm not there yet)... At the time the context was conveyed that it is okay to be sad for now, but try so very hard not to be sad forever and to know our loved one will always be there as a part of our life...

If I die, survive me with such a pure force

you make the pallor and the coldness rage;

flash your indelible eyes from south to south,

from sun to sun, till your mouth sings like a guitar.

I don’t want your laugh or your footsteps to waver;

I don’t want my legacy of happiness to die;

don’t call to my breast: I’m not there.

Live in my absence as in a house.

Absence is such a large house

that you’ll walk through the walls,

hang pictures in sheer air.

Absence is such a transparent house

that even being dead I will see you there,

and if you suffer, Love, I’ll die a second time.

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This is beautiful, Deb, but oh my, did it ever make me cry. It would be exactly my Glenn's sentiments if he could make them known to me. Thank you.

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Dear Deb,

Thank you so much for sharing! It is a wonderful all-consuming poem!

Blessings and Courage, Carol Ann

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