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I Miss Dad!

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It has been 2 years and 3 months since I lost Dad..I read all the posts and think it will make it better..sometimes it does, but, life will never be the same. I am going through some really happy times with my kids, my son, is about to be drafted for professional baseball..i have happy tears and then sad one's. i feel so guilty for that. my son was so close to his pa and puts his name and date of death under the bill of every baseball hat (i save every one)and says a prayer for him before every game. Life will never be the same. I want Dad here to share all that he so loved, watching his grandkids be successful. I know Dad is in a much better place, but, will it ever get any easier to not have him with us?

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I'm sorry for the loss of your dear Dad Blue Eyes, I'm just over 15 months into losing mine and I really don't think it ever gets easier not having him here. I need him for so much, some days I cope better than others I guess but every single day is a struggle for me. He's missing so much and he's needed so badly for so much.

Life is just not good without him :-(

((hugs)) to you


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Hey Blue Eyes,

I understand how you feel. My Dad has been gone for 16 years and I miss him all the time. My Mom has been gone for 8 months and it still has not sunken in. I am so sorry for your loss. Your in my prayers and thoughts.

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