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Just 3 more weeks, it's my high school graduation and it's been 6 months that my principal died. I got mad at my friend last two days cause I was jealous that my principal showed at my friend graduation day. My friend graduate before me. When I saw my friend and my principal on stage, I said "it would be my turn". But my principal isn't here. It's getting painful. I really wish he see me that I am graduating. I miss him badly, its getting painful. As graduation day gets closer, my heart is now currently pounding hard. I AM STILL SHOCKED! I WAS LIKE THIS TO MY FRIEND "WTFFFFFFFFFFFFF! THAT'S NOT FAIR!!! WHY ISN'T MY PRINCIPAL HERE RIGHT NOW"... And then I was like this to myself "WHEN I MOVE SCHOOL, THE PRINCIPAL WILL NEVER GONNA BE LIKE THIS PRINCIPAL. I CAN NEVER GET ANOTHER PRINCIPAL THAT'S GONNA BE NICE TO ME! THIS IS BULLS***! BULL s***!" SUXXX!!!!!!! AND I PERSONALLY BLAME MY MOM FOR MAKING ME GRADUATE, I WANTED TO REPEAT 10GRADE. BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I AM SO ANGRY RIGHT NOW! I WISH I CAN TAKE U BACK DOWN FROM HEAVEN, JUST ONE DAY! JUST ONE DAY, IS THAT TO MUCH TO ASK? JUST ONE DAY FOR YOU TO SEE THAT AM GRADUATING????!!!!! CAUSE I KNOW THAT YOU'RE THE ONE THAT WILL BE HAPPY FOR ME, THAT'S ALL I CAN IMAGINE! ohhhhhh damn!

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