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I Lost Mny Brother 9 Months Ago


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my name is kelsey. i am 17 years old. i lost my older brother nine months ago. i was just wondering if it ever gets easyier? i am the the middle child i have a younger sister and it is really hard ofr her also. but i was just wondering want helped you get through this well what makes it easier to deal with? plz let me know. thank you for taking the time and reading this. Kelsey M

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Hey kelsey, Im not sure if you've read my first entry or not. Short run down im now 19 lost my 12 yr olf sister in a car accident involving me my parents sister and cousin. and some other vehicles ( more in depth in my entry) about a year ago. ITs hard. And i dont want to lie to you and tell you it gets easier. I think you eventually realize you have to go on. I have gone on with life. I have NOT forgotten my sister. Shes talked about everyday, pics everywhere and at least 10 times a day something reminds me of her. Nights are my hardest. I cant sit around at home at night. its too quiet. It was just me and my sister so i have heard its easier to have another sibling. If you dont mind me asking im curious to find out more specifics of your tragedy. Your brothers age and what took your brothers life. feel free to email me privately at lolipopchlck@hotmail.com. Im very out going and willing to talk. ( ive found it helps). I am going out of town from friday to tues. So i will occasionally check my email but if i dont get back to you jsut give me a while when i get home i will. Hope to hear form you! Keli

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