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Family Reunion Today

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Hi All,

Today I am attending a family reunion for my dad's side of the family, I feel so freaked out right now because I am still healing from the abuses he did to me and I do not know how I will be if they start talking about old memories and making him sound so good... I need to do this but do not know if I can... I have not seen any of these people since my parents died and even than I have not seen some of them longer than that... I just want the day to end right now and be finished... Shelley

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Hi All, Just wanted you all to know that things went as well as it could have... I did get really upset when people started to talk about my dad and how great of a man he was... All I could do is walk away and I started to cry, I know they did not know about the abuse but is was really hard to deal with... I am so glad it is all over and hopefully I will not have to go through that again... Shelley

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