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I wrote a while ago in another topic that I had a dream which included my mother. I had the dream analyzed by someone I knew.

The dream was:

In a dark office, there is a man sitting behind a desk. My mother and I are sitting in front of the desk on a sofa. We are hugging each other and crying, comforting each other, because of the death of my father, her husband.

In reality:

My mother died last year (May, 2011). Odd to dream of the incorrect deceased parent!?

Here was his response:

Interesting dream. I haven't known quiet what to think about it. The dark office would be deeper subconscious compartment. Do you fear your father may die as well? How is his health? Who was the man behind the desk, what did he feel like? Has your father changed since her death? How did you feel in this dream, and when you woke? How was it seeing your mother again? How is your dad without his wife? He may be dead to her in his living?

This is what I wrote back to the dream analyzer:

To answer some of your questions:

Yes, I guess I do have more fear around my fathers's (future) death -- now that I know the pain of what it is like to have my mother off of the planet. His current health is ok, Thankfully.

My parents were married for 60 years, and my father is now very lonely, and is very active in finding a woman for companionship. I am having a hard time dealing with this aspect of my dad's newfound bachelorhood, even though I ultimately know a partner would probably keep him healthier, live longer, and make him more happy. My dad can be a handful. He is very self-absorbed, and loves himself greatly (and his family, too). My mother used to "nudge" him to shut-up to help keep his ego in check -- but -- now she is gone and his words and behavior can be kind of upsetting to me. Still, I love him dearly.

It was wonderful seeing my mother in the dream, and I was so happy to be with her. But then, moments into the dream, I realized that it was incorrect, and that my mother was the one who passed. I was just so happy to hold her again, even though it was confusing. Then...I woke up -- and was so happy to have been with her -- but, confused as to why I would dream of the wrong parent dying.

I would SO like to extend my enjoyment with her in my dreams, but it seems that I get the thought (too rapidly) that, "oh -- this isn't real -- she's dead" -- and then the dream is over. I wake up happy to have seen her (as it feels so good to be with her), but then so sad at the reality that she is dead.

The man behind the desk was a doctor in a white lab coat. He was looking at a paper, and was pretty emotionless. The sofa my mother and I were sitting on was lower down than the desk, so, I thought maybe it was an "authority figure" type of person in my dream?

As I read the last statement, "He may be dead to her in his living" -- this is very insightful, and thought-provoking. Good work!! Thank you for this, especially. I need to think about this more.

Makes me think I am angry with him for moving on from her, as I am sad that she seems "dead to him, in his living". Also, helps me to think that, in a way, he is dead to her -- since she is no longer physically here with him as well.

So -- what do I get from all of this? Still figuring it out.

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