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Pre-Birth Soul Planning With Our Animals


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Dearest Animal Parents,

Along the same vein as the previous, posted topic and interview (Do Pets Go To The Afterlife?), I also caught these other ones from Bob Olson, that I found even deeper and more useful. These interviews -- "Your Soul’s Gift To You: Understanding The Life Your Soul Planned For You, and "Does Our Soul Plan Life Challenges Before Birth?", both with Robert Schwartz, go into more depth about our soul's pre-birth (pre-incarnation) planning in concert with other souls (our soul families or groups) &/or our Guides.

Of key note for animal parents is the discussion of Robert's new book, which includes a dedicated chapter on "the pre-birth planning we do with our future pets." (apparently, this topic was in HIGH DEMAND by his readers! ^_^ ) Such information can of course aid in our understanding of not only WHY things happened as they did (and how there are "no real mistakes" in terms of the soul's perspective), but HOW our furbabies are so inextricably tied into our soul's journey, from even before they incarnated to become a part of our earthly families and lives. This in turn would lend more meaning to our grief journey, as well as to our lives and its most traumatic experiences as a whole.

This is certainly a good chunk of what I'd ended up learning myself, over the course of the transitions of both my fur-son and fur-daughter, and several other feline loves who had since come into, then gone out of my life. The physical loss can still hurt terribly, but knowing it's not all "meaningless" or "random" or "in error" is of great help, nonetheless.

I plan on buying at least Robert's 2nd book, but want to get myself a Kindle first, as I no longer have enough room for more hard copy books! So I can't offer a review of it yet. However, I found even these video interviews very helpful, all on their own:


You can access Robert's pertinent info directly from the links below the interview. As well, Robert provides a free pdf meditation, some other free pdf's, and a free excerpt from one of his books, here:


You can also buy only the chapters you're interested in to read on a Kindle, if so desired. (see his book's listing on Amazon)

For the animals and their people, and to our co-joined healing,



NOTE: For those more active on these boards, or with more time than I, this info could be of benefit to members suffering ANY kind of loss, so please pass along to other forums if you are able - thx kindly!)

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Hi catlore,

Yes, there are many good books out there, too, that can really help expand our understanding, and experiences, to bring more comfort when we need it. Thanks for posting one that helped you here. That's one I don't actually have, although I've heard much about it. I do, however, have one of Brian Weiss, M.D.'s other books, "Messages from the Masters," and also know a fellow animal-centric psychologist who trained under him in past-life regression. (something I'd still love to experience myself, someday)

Your kidlets are beautiful! And the 2nd one (Turkish Van type, w/the 'cap'; is that Lucy?) reminds me of a furboy who so wanted to be ours, but it sadly didn't work out that way. (he was, however, adopted out to another couple)

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