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Loss Of My Angel Girl

Guest Sherri

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I lost my little girl at five months of pregnancy. I delivered her at home, on August 24th. I nearly died myself from the hemorraging. Although, at times I can smile the nights seem to be the hardest. I was sleeping well for about a month, but now with the added stress of the holidays its more difficult. I tend to hold my grief in. She would of been born next month. The holidays are difficult, I have a twelve year old son and it takes every amount of strength I have to make this as pleasant of a time as possible. I do see a great therapist and my husband is pretty supportive, but as time goes on I feel that people think you should be over it by now so my outlets are limited. Is there anyone else out there going through this same thing right now during the holidays? It will be four months since her death on Christmas Eve. I know she is safe in heaven, but I miss her, I miss what could of been, etc. I also know there is no magic pill to make this pain go away that I feel sometimes, I get by knowing that a good day will happen again (the first time I had one it was wonderful), and I know that I must reach out more like I am now. I am so amazed by the emotions of grief, I have lost grandparents, pets, etc. That hurt,but the pain of losing a child no matter how old, you feel like you lost a part of your future, yourself. Its just learning to live without those dreams and hopes you had for their future that really gets you deep in your heart and soul.

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Guest Guest_Gail_*


I am so sorry for your loss. You have to move on for the sake of your son. It seems as if the good days are one in a millon and they are. Your child is with out worry and if I know my daughter she is taking care of her. Just keep hanging in there. I know talking about it has helped a little. This is my first holiday with out my daughter.

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:(I completely understand how you feel i lost my daughter on september 29 2004 she was 22 years old and some days are more then i can stand she was my best friend we went every where together i called her my angel girl sometimes i want to see her so bad just to hold her one more time. but there are days when i sense her all around me and i get comfort from that. but i no where she is and that is in the arms of jesus.

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