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  1. Dealing with loss is never easy, and like kayc said, I can’t imagine how you must feel having to grieve from afar. There may be moments when you feel alone, and guilt stricken, we have all been there, but try to focus on the positive things. This is easier said than done, but think about how much your mother would want you to remember the good moments that she had with you. When you wrote that you didn’t realize that was her last night, that you would have called, I can’t tell you how much I greatly relate to that sentiment. The day that my father died, I was at the airport dropping off
  2. Thank you for taking the time to respond and thank you for your kind words. The fact that you said that four decades ago, you lost your father and you still have him on your mind just cements the idea that those that we love are never forgotten. I’m so glad that all of us are able to come together and share these experiences and are able to understand one another. Sometimes all you want is for one person to understand what you’re feeling.
  3. When I first joined this grief forum, I was 18 years old and felt like my entire world was crumbling around me. I had just lost my father to cancer and had the bad luck of losing my beloved pet dog two months afterward. To say that I was battling a deep depression would be putting it mildly. Today I am two months shy of turning 30 years old. I can’t believe that 11 years ago, I was sitting next to my computer trying to find the words to express all the pain I was feeling inside. I was someone who felt like tomorrow would never come and that I would never be able to process what was happen
  4. Its almost three in the morning and I find myself thinking of my father. Yesturday made two years since he passed away and Honestly it wass hard going through the day. I was a mess, emotional and couldnt help but feel alone. Its like one day you wake you up and you realize they are really gone, you realize your never gonna hug them again.. never gonna hear their laugh. I miss your jokes dad. I miss you telling me to change the oil in my car, and you telling me I was your baby girl. I wonder if Im making you proud and if you see your one and only grandson down here on earth. He looks just like
  5. Your welcome. Thank you for reading my story. God bless you and all obstacles you are trying to overcome.
  6. QWhen I reread the first posting I wrote, I recall the moment it finally sank in that I wasn't going to see him again. Atleast not here on earth. When my father died, I packed my things and moved 1600 miles away. A new place and a fresh start,atleast I thought. I couldn't handle staying in my hometown ,knowing everywhere I went would only remind me of him. Id leave the house and run into old friends of his asking of him and it only got harder to have to tell the story over and over. I thought leaving would help me but looking back I wish I would have confronted the demons of my grief head on.
  7. Kanga, I wanted to say to you as I did to chai, that It really means something to me that you can feel the true meaning behind my words. On the day that I wrote the blog, I must say I was really feeling torn. I miss my dad so much that sometimes it dosnt even seem like it really happened. I try my best to accept the fact that it did and try and pick up the pieces, but it seems so imposiible at times when you think of all the things they wont be able to be there for. Such as the wedding,kids, and the holidays of course. My fathers birthday just recently passed november the 11th and its t
  8. Chai When I read what you had wrote I must say It felt nice knowing that my words helped you. It is always nice to hear when someone can really relate to what your going through, especially when its something so very life changing. I am sorry that someone so dear in your life passed as well, But One thing I can tell you that really helped me was praying. I pray every night and after I thank God for whats In my life I ask to say a few words to my father, and I tell him whats going on in my life and how Much I miss him. And It really makes you feel closer to that person. I always feel like my d
  9. Thank you so much for your kind words. God Bless you
  10. This friday it will have been three months since my father jerry sr passed. It seems to get harder each day that passes.Today seemed especially difficult for me.I went online in search of some help with grieving and I came across this site. It really helped me to hear steps that others used to help. One that helped me was writing a letter to him. I got to pour out my emotions and sometimes thats exactly what we need. My father and I had a distant relationship growing up,he was always working and at times I would be bitter about it. As I got older I saw just how hard he worked to support the fa
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